2017 Spring Season Registration

Summersill soccer club 

​​​​(2016-11-15) SSC Eclipse ALL-LADIES U12 Select Team

Summersill Soccer Club's U12 All-Ladies Select team is looking to beef up their roster for the upcoming 2017 Spring Season. We are currently looking for young ladies born between 2005 and 2006 who possess prior soccer experience and looking for a higher level of competition than recreational league. Open tryouts are currently being scheduled but if you feel you have what it takes, contact Tracie, the team manager at for more information.


(2016-11-15) Face to Face 2017 Spring Season Registration

December 10th 2016; we will have our first Summersill Soccer Club face to face registration. Also joining us will be North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) to provide coaches, parents and players education and of course we will have lots of fun.
Bring your cleats, shin guards and soccer balls!
During registration, the clubs concession stand will be offering registering families hot dogs, chips and a drink. Spread the word and come and see us Saturday December 10th beginning at 9 am!

See you on the field!

Kenny Pfeiler
President, Summersill Soccer Club
Coach, U-8 Yellow Jackets
Coach, Micro League​


(2016-10-18) Extended Season

Needless to say the weather has not been on our side this season! We are continually thinking about our friends in the eastern part of the state who were affected by Hurricane Matthew and the aftermath.

I have spoken with the VP of Classic who has confirmed the following season play extensions:

NOTE: these will not be further extended!

 - U11&12 B/G: Teams can play matches through November 20th.
- U13&14 B/G: Teams can play matches through November 13th. This is for Promotion and Relegation and is the final deadline.
- U15-19G, U15B OSL: Teams can play through November 20th. PR will be taken by the standings on the Monday following this deadline for U15-18G.
-  Teams playing in the USYS and KP Cup for the U15-18G will be seeding based on their standings at 12pm today, October 17th.

Thank you and best of luck!
Colby Morton


(2016-10-06) Hurricane Matthew Expected to Visit North Carolina

All fields are closed for final preparation for Hurricane Matthews' visit this weekend. All games this up coming weekend have also been cancelled and will be rescheduled by your league. SSC will continue to keep you informed as much as possible on the field status and when the cancelled games are rescheduled. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe and Hurricane Matthew makes his visit. Once we have weathered the storm, we will be looking for assistance in resetting the fields back for practice and play next week.


(2016-09-19) Wilmington Hammerheads Last Home Game of the Season

How would everyone in the Summersill Soccer Club family like to watch the Wilmington Hammerheads play their last home game; watching them as an entire club? Their last game is Saturday, September 24th at 7:00PM against the Richmond Kickers.
A few of us go down to watch them play and it is always an enjoyable time.

I spoke with Courtney who is in charge of ticket sales and she said she could assist us in setting up a club event to watch the Hammerheads play. Below is her email. However I would like to find out who is interested.

Coaches, please get with your teams and ask them this weekend if they would like to join us. All I will need is a total number or adults and total number of children that want to go. I know this is short notice but the faster I get this data the sooner I can make arrangements with Ms. Courtney to get everything locked on.

Thank you everyone.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kenny Pfeiler
President, Summersill Soccer Club
Coach, U-8 Yellow Jackets
Coach, Micro League

(2016-09-18) US Youth Soccer announces relabeling of age groups and heading restriction recommendations

FRISCO, Texas (Sept. 16, 2016) — The 2016-17 youth soccer season will be a transitional year as leagues, clubs and teams begin to implement the U.S. Soccer mandates. US Youth Soccer would like to outline the relabeling of age group terminology and offer recommendations for implementing the heading restrictions.

US Youth Soccer is in the process of relabeling age groups — moving the word “under” to the opposite side of the numeral to reflect the new player registration by birth year. For example, the Under-10 age group becomes 10-and-Under to clarify that players in the age group can be 10 years old and younger. With this change, the shorthand for labeling age groups will change from U-10 to 10-U.

For those clubs or leagues adopting player registration by year of birth for the 2016-17 soccer year, here is a chart that shows the birth year for that season. Please note that when determining the age group for a season, the year the competition ends should be used. For example, a player born in 2007 would be in the 10-and-Under age group for the 2016-17 soccer year (2017 – 2007 = 10.)

Please note that the following US Youth Soccer competitions are introducing birth-year registration in the 2016-17 season:
US Youth Soccer National Championships Series — including national, regional and state competitions

  • US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup — including national, regional and state competitions
  • US Youth Soccer National League
  • US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues
  • US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program

Heading Restriction Implementation Recommendations

The 11-U play group, formerly referred to as U-11, is the group most affected by players age 10 and younger because players turn 11 years old over the range of a year. Therefore, deliberate heading is not allowed in 11-U games.

If a 10-year-old or younger player is playing in an age group older than 11-U (ex: 10-year-old playing with a 12-U team), then that 10-year-old or younger player may not head the ball regardless of the age group in which the he or she participates.

Special note: the overriding principle is that a player age 10 or younger may not head the ball no matter which age group the player plays. This requires education and support from the coach and parent to instruct the player accordingly.

US Youth Soccer suggests that any league that combines 11-U and 12-U for competition should strongly consider not allowing heading in any game in that combined group’s play.


(2016-09-14) Fall Season Kick-Off Volunteers Needed

Summersill Soccer Club family.
This weekend kicks off the start of our crazy soccer filled weekends sitting on the sidelines watching our children on the soccer field putting their skills and knowledge into play. In order to prepare for our first weekend of games I am requesting some assistance this Friday evening at 6:00 PM so we can prepare our fields, concession stand area and parking lot.

Here are the tasks that need to be completed Friday night:
- Cut, bag and, remove grass from the fields. If you have a riding mower with a bagger I could really use the help!
   Many of us do not have trailers to transport riding mowers. If you have a trailer, please let me know if we can use it to transport mowers to and from the     fields.
All grass clipping will be dumped in the bed of my truck for removal/disposal. I need at least (3) mowers.
I will provide the fuel.
If you have a riding mower but do not have a bagger that is ok too! I cut the U-11/12 field last week and after looking at it tonight it should be ok to just be cut and not bagged. I cut the U-9/10 field tonight so no bagging is required this week.
- Line the (3) fields that will be used; U-7/8, U-9/10 and the U-11/12. We have (3) paint carts. Chris Lafauvre and I can give (3) people a quick class on how to line the fields.
- Police call (Inspect) the fields for fire ants and treat the mounds. We have fire ant killer!! I would like to get about (5) people for this so it goes quickly.
- Police call (Inspect) the parking lot for trash. I would like to get (3) people to help with this.
- General cleanup of the bathrooms.

The more people we have to help with the above tasks the faster it will be completed and we can go home and enjoy prepare for the next days games. Any and all help is greatly appreciated so we are not out there all night. You can email me or text me if you can provide any assistance.

Thank you SSC family!

Kenny Pfeiler
President, Summersill Soccer Club
Coach, U-8 Yellow Jackets
Coach, Micro League
(910) 548-0450


(2016-09-12) The following age divisions are now closed for the fall season registration:

Micro U4 / U6

All U7

All U8 / U9M

All U10

U12 Recreational

All U16-18 (HS division)


(2016-09-10) SSC Eclipse ALL-LADIES U12 Challenge Team

Do you think you have what it takes to compete at a higher level than recreational league?

Are you a young lady born between the years of 2005 and 2006?

Do you have prior experience in soccer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, feel free to come try out for our U12 ALL-LADIES Challenge Team. The team is looking for a few more players to complete their roster. Practices are held Mon, Wed, and Fri from 6pm to 7pm at the SSC Soccer Fields. For more information contact Tracie, the team manager at



Summersill Soccer Club is currently looking for volunteers to assist with the preparation for the upcoming season. If you are interested, click below for more information:


(2016-09-05) NCYSA U12 and under NO HEADING Rules as of 9/01/2016:

NO HEADING is allowed in any small sided match (U12 and younger). In matches for U13 and older, the roster/team could include U12 and younger players. A U12 player on the U13 roster/team, may head the ball. For the player U11 or younger playing on a U13 team or older, if heading occurs by a player U11 and younger, the referee will not stop play and issue an indirect free kick. It would be very difficult for a referee to be able during the run of play to determine if a player that heads the ball is U11 or younger or U12 and older. As stated by the Federation, it will be the coach and parent’s responsibility to “police” a child U11 and younger on heading in a U13 and older match. 


Fall Soccer Season 2016:
-Looking for things to do with kids???
-Fun FAMILY things to do with kids???

-Looking for a great organization to be a part of???
-Summersill Soccer Club recreational Soccer is the answer!!!

Fall Soccer Season is upon us. The leagues are starting up around the 1st or 2nd weekend in Sept. We are now accepting registration to fill out our teams get the kids set up and ready for the season. Ages for soccer play start as young as 3 1/2 all the way through 18 years old. Our registration process can be online or face to face to allow you to meet and greet with some of our active board members. Below is a current breakdown of league and cost(s) associated with that specific club.

  • Micro League (3 1/2 -6 years old): $45.00
  • CAMSL Middle division (7-8) years old): $50.00
  • ECSA (9-18 years old): $55.00

***Fees do not include uniforms

If you have not registered your children for this season's soccer, never fear, registration is open as long as space is available


Lightning and Thunder Protocol
After reviewing information from the National Lightning Safety Institute, NCYSA has adopted the following protocol for lightning safety which will go into effect immediately.  No more counting seconds to determine whether to halt play. The new protocol goes like this:

- If you see lightning, clear the field.

- If you hear thunder, clear the field.

-Play will be halted for a minimum of 30 minutes.

-If no lightning is spotted during the 30minutes and/or no thunder is heard during the 30 minutes, play will resume.

-If lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard during the 30 minute period, the clock starts over.

-No play will resume until a minimum of 30 minutes passes with no thunder and/or no lightning.

The North Carolina Soccer Referee Association is in full support of this new NCYSA protocol. ALL NCSRA referees are being notified of this new protocol and are being instructed to impose the new protocol effective immediately.  Thunder and lightning is extremely unpredictable. The threat is too dangerous and it just isn’t worth taking the chance.


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